Specialist support services for adults with a learning disability and autism who may have a dual diagnosis, including associated complex needs.

What we do

We are proud of the accommodation we provide at Cristal Care. Our accommodation exceeds the care industries standards and is unique in that all living spaces are fitted from new and to a high specification with each apartment having its own living room, kitchen, bedroom and en-suite. People who live with us have access to communal living rooms which are designed to be homely and comfortable.

Communal living rooms create opportunities for people to socialise if they wish. We have an open-door policy where people are free to move around as it should be and just as you would in a home environment. We create opportunities for people who live with us to make decisions on what on-site activities they’d like to do dependant on their own interests.

Due to each resident having their own apartment we are able to provide a supportive setting which enables each individual to flourish in developing their own life skills. We believe the environment we have created will offer opportunities for personal growth and independence. We will support the person to develop areas identified such as household tasks, managing finances, finding their way around, attending appointments, accessing public transport, forming positive social skills, therapeutic crisis management, developing further in education, finding work and supporting them to make decisions.

The skills residents build with us at Cristal Care will be part of their learning and development plan. They will have been supported to create this plan which will aim to achieve their dreams, goals and aspirations and map the progress made whilst living with us. We want everyone who lives with us to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

Our residents are at the centre of the care and support they will receive with us. They will be involved in making all decisions about their lives and writing their own support plans

We are like an extended family, we care for the people we support, willing to go the extra mile and work in a professional manner. The relationships we develop with parents, family members and friends of the residents we support are key to our ability to care for people.

We work closely with healthcare authorities and clinical commissioning groups building a good rapport. If the individual’s goal is to progress and move onto living independently we will help them achieve this through our trained staff team.

Contact us if you would like to make an enquiry for a referral