Pictured above- The Artist Alan York with Doncaster’s Mayor George Derx.

Alan uses art as an expressive form. Alan gets inspiration from everyday life and reflects on past experiences helping his emotional health and wellbeing. Alan enjoys talking to people about his work and this has landed him display spots at The Point Gallery and Nicholls butchers in the Colonnades.

Alan held an exhibition of his work at The Pleasance. We invited Doncaster’s Mayor George Derx who gave the opening speech at Alan’s event. Visitor’s then had the opportunity to meet the artist and view his work.

Alan had chosen pieces of his work and listed them for sale prior to the event. Alan had buyers from his exhibition and made a nice profit from the day. Alan spent his time chatting to Mayor George Derx who invited him for afternoon tea at the Mansion House. Alan was overjoyed with the amount of people who attended to view him work. His words at the end of the event were ‘I must be an official Artist if all those people have come to see me’.

Alan received his invitation to The Mansion House from the Mayor a few weeks after his exhibition. Alan was met by George and his wife Pauline Derx and spent the afternoon with them having tea, sandwiches and cake. Alan then had a personal guided tour round the huge building and loved discussing all the history of the art on the walls.