Our residents are the most important people to us!
Here are some of their stories

Richard’s Story

Richard enjoys writing stories and has a specific interest in sci- fi, fantasy and super heroes and has had four of his own books published. We have recently supported Richard to set up a local group for creative writing for young people which has been extremely successful. Richard is passionate about young people developing their creative skills and creating stories and characters which are unique.

Andrew’s Story

Andrew has a spacious flat which is set out so that he can see his large flat screen television and listen to ‘Magic’ Radio, Andrew is a keen Status Quo fan and went to see them on their latest tour. Andrew enjoys going shopping to the coast and visiting different city centres.

Gillian’s Story

Following a successful transition Gillian has lived in Shipley Cottage since April 2015. Gillian helped choose her colour scheme and furnishings making her flat very homely. Since Gillian has been at The Pleasance she has built up a good rapor with both residents and staff. Gillian participates in activities on/off site and contributes to residents forum.


Alan’s Story

Alan has lived at The Pleasance for 3 years now. Alan is a talented artist and loves to spend his time drawing people. Alan drawings are inspired by people he sees when going out and from television. Alan enjoys going out shopping to buy paper and pens to do his drawings.

Alan accesses ‘Art Space’ a class for Adults with Learning Disabilities each week. This gives Alan the opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills and develop his craft in art and design.