These are some of the key elements of the service we provide:

Person Centred Approaches

All people within Cristal Care live in their own flat or apartments and they are supported and encouraged to furnish and decorate to their own choice and style. Everyone is supported to promote their own choices, independence and development of skills through activity and positive risk choices. We ensure that everyone is the centre of all planning, choices and discussions in their lives including ensuring that they choose their own GP, Dentist and Opticians as well as being involved in all medical appointments.

All people are supported to ensure that they are actively involved in shopping and preparing meals and maintaining the cleanliness of where they live and also care of their clothes. Everyone is encouraged to plan and complete a wide range of activities which are designed to meet individual needs and interests and develop a positive life routine.


The Pleasance provides an excellent location to ensure that residents can be involved in activities in their own local community including shopping, eating out and having their medical needs met. The bus stop is just outside the gate and this is the main bus route into Doncaster. There are also vehicles on site and wide range of activities are enjoyed by all the residents.

Living Skills

All residents at the Pleasance are supported in all aspects of their daily life from planning menus, shopping and cooking meals to looking after their flats and completing the house work which is required. All residents are supported to do as many things for themselves as possible for themselves and be supported to develop new skills

Positive Behavioural Approaches

Cristal Care uses the BILD accredited TCI system to support people to try and avoid personal crises and work proactively to ensure that people can learning constructive ways to handle stressful situations and reduce the need to challenge and be distressed.

We believe that a proactive structured approach which reduces behaviours which challenge by focussing on positive opportunities for people to enjoy their lives and using their skills and talents. We have 2 qualified TCI trainers who work alongside all our staff to promote positive interactions and coach people to be supported through times of difficulty and be supported after the incident. This training is available outside of the organisation.

STOMP (Stop The Over Medication of People with a learning disability and/or autism)

STOMP is a national project which Cristal Care supports and is designed to ensure that people stay well and have a good quality of life. We ensure that people have regular check-ups of their medication, make sure that Doctors and other health professionals involve families and support staff in decisions and provide information about alternatives and develop ways to support people so that they are less likely to have the need for medication.