Mental Health by definition is a person’s condition in regards to their emotional and physiological well-being. It affects how we feel and think and act. It can determine how we make choices in everyday life and handle stress. If a person is experiencing stress it can affect their mood and behaviour. There are some recognised contributing factors to mental health which are:

  • Trauma and abuse through the person’s life
  • Family history of mental health
  • Your genes or brain chemistry

Experiencing signs and symptoms of mental health is common and there are many ways a person can be supported to manage their own mental health and wellness in a positive way. We will support the person to build upon a positive way of thinking and work with professionals where needed to ensure the person is getting the right support. We will encourage the person to realise their own potential and support them to develop coping skills that are person centred to them. This could be making contributions to their local community, getting physically active, connecting with others, getting professional groups and having a good nights sleep.