TCI stands for therapeutic crisis intervention and it is a model that is built to manage challenging behaviour. It originates from Cornell University in New York and it is a BILD accredited (British Institute of Learning Disabilities). TCI is proven to reduce challenging behaviour and prevents a crisis by positive support approaches.

The foundations of TCI allow our support teams to work together to pinpoint the root cause of the behaviour and teach techniques to handle stressful situations which will reduce the need for challenging behaviour and distress to the adult.

We believe that by adopting a proactive, structured, and person-centred approach we’re able to reduce behaviours which challenge by focussing on positive opportunities for people to enjoy their lives and by using their skills and talents.

We have invested in our staff team and have qualified TCI trainers who work alongside all our staff to promote positive interactions and coach people to be supported through times of difficulty and be supported after the incident.